What is ORCID?

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is an international non-profit organization developed by the research community. Your ORCID iD is a 16-character digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers with the same or similar names and allows you to link your research to your iD, ensuring that your work is correctly attributed to you. Many publishers, funders, universities, research organizations, and professional associations already use ORCID to identify researchers and their work. Your ORCID iD belongs to you, not to your institution, meaning you have full control over what data is associated with your iD.


Your ORCID iD can help you:

  • Distinguish yourself from other researchers
  • Improve the visibility of your work
  • Manage your reputation & research impact
  • Save time on repetitive data entry for research reporting workflows
  • Keep track of all of your affiliations & organizations in an interoperable, trustworthy platform throughout your career regardless of changes in name, institution, & discipline
  • Used by publishers, grant agencies and more


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